Pregnancy stress management tips for new mums

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Pregnancy can be a very stressful time, especially if you’re a first-time mum who doesn’t know exactly what to expect. While reducing your anxiety is easier said than done, it is important to at least try to lessen the pressure you’re under.
If you are struggling to deal with your stress, there are plenty of things you can do to help.
Take control
If things at work are starting to get on top of you, now is the time to ease up the pressure. Talk to your boss about your workload, they might be able to ease the pressure somewhat or even help you spread the load a little. If you are not working and it’s your home life that’s getting you down, talk to your other half about what is troubling you and how you can both sort things. Do whatever you need to do to take control of your life. 
Cut back
You need to be realistic about how much work you can take on. If you are always the one in work saying yes to assignments, staying late or taking on too many chores at home, now is the time to say no. You need to look after yourself, rest and get ready for Baby.
Know your baby
One of the scariest – and therefore, stressful – things about pregnancy is not knowing what is going on inside your body. Talk to your midwife or GP about any concerns and don’t keep questions to yourself, no matter how stupid you might think they are. There is no point in stressing yourself out with worry, when you could easily put your mind at ease.
Get organised
One of the most stressful parts of being pregnant is waiting for the baby to arrive and not being able to just get started on being a mum. Start stocking up on things you’ll need when the baby arrives, like bottles, nappies, breast pumps, sterilising equipment and whatever else your baby will need. Feeling like you’re prepared for your little one’s arrival will take a huge weight off your shoulders.
Know your limits
If you were the type of person who kept going until they nearly fell over prior before you became pregnant, now is the time to change. You need to look after your body and your baby and pushing yourself to the point of exhaustion is not going to be good for either of you. Get to know your limits and when you reach them take a step back. 
Be open and honest with your feelings
It is important you are open and honest with your family and friends about how you are feeling. If you are worried, tell them; if you are scared, talk to someone. Feeling anxious does not make you a bad mother, it makes you human so don’t be afraid to be honest.
Put your feet up, ask someone to watch your other children, get someone else to cook dinner or take a day off work - anything that will give you time to relax. And don’t feel guilty about it. 

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