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It finally happened. The nappies are gone! *Does a silly, happy dance* He is fully toilet trained. I genuinely didn't think he would manage it before he turned three. He was totally not interested in even learning about it long past the time when his sister had learned. Treats didn't tempt him; reward charts were met with laughter, and promises of new toys were scoffed...
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From speaking to other mothers, I know I am not alone in thinking that work can be an awful waste of time. Take today, for example: the sun was flaming in a cloudless sky — not that you could feel it in the chilly confines of our air-conditioned office — and all I could think about was: a) I could have put a second wash out; b) I should be at the beach with my kids; c) Why...
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We recently decided to become a family who goes camping. What a wonderful wholesome way to see our beautiful country; sleeping under the stars, nothing but a canvas sheet between you and the Milky Way. I blame discount German retailers with their ridiculously cheap camping supplies for giving us notions. The nearest campsite was 10 minutes away, on the other side of our town...
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A new Unicef report has found that Ireland has the fourth-highest teen suicide rate among the world’s high-income countries. Things are so bad, that the report grimly forecasts that one in 10,000 Irish kids between the ages of 15 and 19 will die by their own hand. I have two children who fall into that category; you may have a couple, and, indeed, virtually all of those...
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I'm just wondering how much other mums spend on their weekly shop? Mine can vary week to week and I buy mostly own brand, but still it creeps up. We are a family of four (with only one income) and the bill can vary from €150-200 and I feel this is a lot. I desperately need to get this bill down but no matter what I do or where I shop it always creeps up. And on top of...
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I have 107 days left at 24 weeks pregnant. Every week something about me and my body changes and baby grows a little more. I can feel her little kicks getting stronger everyday and so can daddy! She even has a little pattern now so I look forward to the end of my day when we can bond with her together. There are so many questions I want to ask her but I probably shouldn't...
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In the news this week, it's been reported that over 300 Irish parents have contacted the US organisers of a children’s beauty pageant in a bid to get them to come over to Ireland, and the organisers have confirmed that they will come here in November. There have been very little other details given as they apparently fear media attention. The organisers have said that the...
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Im rheses negative and my partner is not, now iv done a lot of research on this however im looking to know that if i dont have the anti D injection after my baby is born can i have it when i decide to have another baby, im not into having injections that are only for the IF factor or just in case! So if I have a positive baby, can i have the injection say next year if i decide...
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