Aoife Lee
Parent Coach - Giraffe Childcare
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Aoife is mum to two children under the age of seven and is an accredited parent and life coach, as well as founder of Parent Support. 
She facilitates parenting groups and talks in childcare settings, while also providing staff training and private consultations with professionals in the childcare field and for parents in their own home. Aoife currently works as a Parent Coach for Giraffe Childcare and is the expert provider for Aviva's corporate wellness programme, providing support for working parents.
Aoife offers parents easy-to-learn skills and a variety of parenting tools that she knows are effective and practical in helping the parent build a calmer and happier home.​ The logical techniques and foundations for discipline offer the parent basics for creating their own unique parenting style. Aoife’s practical and non-judgemental approach has proven to be very effective and helpful for both parents and their families. 
Aoife previously worked for over 12 years with the Health Service Executive as part of an Early Intervention team and Social Work team supporting families with the many challenges of parenting, working one-to-one in the family home as well as facilitating parenting groups. 
She has a Bachelor of Arts Degree and a Diploma in Applied Social Studies from The Institute of Technology, Sligo, and a Diploma in Parent Coaching.
Tel: 087-9791525
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