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Join the MummyPages 'Movie Mums' group to receive free tickets for movie screenings and to share your movie reviews with the MummyPages community.
This is also where we will give away tickets to movie premieres and all of our movie memorabilia.
Stop by regularly for updates on tickets and competitions.
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Helen1984 27/09/2017
4 posts
270 MP points
September 30, 2017
My 3 year olds first visit to the cinema , any tips? I'm worried in case has meltdown ????
Katy1 20/03/2012 New member
12 posts
395 MP points
September 10, 2017
Myself and my 3 kids would love to be movie critics ????
Jeno79 06/04/2015 New member
18 posts
340 MP points
September 01, 2017
Would love to get to the cinema as with two kids under the age of 3 we don't get much opportunity these days
pollyt 12/08/2013 New member
6 posts
280 MP points
September 26, 2013
Love a great day out at the cinema with the kids. :-)
sweetpea 27/02/2012 New member
10 posts
445 MP points
April 09, 2013
We rarely get to go to the cinema anymore either as a family or as a couple and I would love to go more!
nicfd 01/06/2011 New member
15 posts
325 MP points
March 28, 2013
Really happy to join this group. It'd be great to get out to the cinema-never really go anymore. Also nice to have a sounding board afterwards for what I think :)
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