Kids Travel Safely

Kids Travel Safely
You wouldn't dream of taking your children on a journey in your car without the correct safety restraints in place. Yet every day, there are kids travelling on planes, buses and in taxis on their holidays, and the same safety devices have been left at home. Car seats, safety railings and childproofing are being forgotten about as soon as families leave their home.
As a mum of 2, Fiona Anderson from Kids Travel Safely follows all the rules in keeping kids safe in the house, car and garden. However, when she went on holidays with her family she found it much more difficult to ensure that her kids were safe. And so her business was born.
Kids Travel Safely encompasses your entire holiday, with everything covered including taxi rides, planes, the airport, hotels, pools, beaches and evenings out. So from the moment you leave your home until the minute your holiday is over, you can ensure your children will travel safely.
Kids Travel Safely provides a range of carefully selected travel products to help keep your babies and children as safe on their holidays as they are at home. Products that can be bought on the site include inflatable car seats, car seat travel bags, window and door locks for hotel rooms, inflatable bed safety railing, ID tattoos in case kids get separated from their parents, proximity alarms, water and sun safety products as well as travel accessories for the whole family.
To purchase some of these products for your holiday, or to simply have a look at what’s available, click here to visit the Kids Travel Safely website.
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