Need decor inspiration? Check out our five favourite absolutely adorable nursery rooms!

Have a little one on the way and are desperate for nursery inspo that isn’t the traditional blue, pink or yellow? Fear not, because we have all the inspiration you need right here! Featuring lots of gorgeous, modern designs that will forever change your idea of the old-fashioned nursery, browse below to get inspired by the gorgeous and adventurous designs!

We are absolutely loving this completely adorable and whimsical nursery wall mural! The animals and hot air balloons in gorgeous pastels creates a sense of childish wonder and is giving us a Mary Poppins dreamscape kind of vibe! The colour palette in the rest of the room is feminine, but muted, using lots of dusty pinks, soft greys and off-whites, with lots of comfortable and plush textures, creating a simple, but beautiful space, allowing the colourful mural to speak for itself.

Another more feminine nursery space, this room is all about that beautiful boho chic look, with its statement dried pampas grass setting the tone for a cosy and laid-back room. The pretty crochet-style canopy and simple but cute mobile above the cot make for a princess-y feel, without being sickeningly sweet and the subtle rainbow print on the walls brings in a little colour and fun, without making the room too busy or overwhelming. Simple textures and colours allow the statement pieces and pops of colour to really shine, allowing the room to find a nice balance.

Creating a truly gender-neutral room and avoiding an all-white space is a difficult task, but we think this nursery has absolutely nailed it! The leaf prints on the walls and are subtle and artistic and the added decorations – the rattan woven mirror, the cute bunting and fabric and rainbow allow the natural theme going on here to really pop. Full of natural textures like the woven basket and natural wood used in frame sand on the cot itself, tis nursery feels like it could be found tucked away in a forest grove! Soft greys and sage greens pull the room together while bursts of warmth from the wood, bedding and bunting keep the room childish and whimsical.


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A boy’s room that isn’t bedecked in a cold and outdated blue? Sign us up! This sage-themed, soft room designed by Kirby and Damon for their son Isaiah-Day is one of the most beautiful and gentle boy’s nurseries we’ve seen. Full of soft hues and complementing palettes, the space itself feels very calming, perfect for rocking baby back to sleep in! With lots of nature again dominating the space with the leafy accents painted down the dresser’s sides and the cloud motif floating from the ceiling, the mobile and the night light, we’re getting a super relaxing and dreamy feel from this space.


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Feel like going a little wilder with your nursery decoration? Look no further than this utterly cool, jungle-inspired nursery that will have your little one feeling like they’re on safari! Full of one of the season’s hottest colours, the rich emerald green dominates this space to create a lush, safari-like feel. Full of soft furnishings and teddies that feel right at home in the jungle, this nursery is the perfect place for a child to grow up and develop a rich imagination.