Nurture gives support surrounding pregnancy & birth

Charity Nurture has announced the expansion of their support services in Dublin, Kildare and Meath. Nurture was established in January 2011 and is a unique, vibrant and dynamic charity that offers support and counselling surrounding pregnancy and childbirth.
The charity deals with issues such as Post Natal Depression, Depression in pregnancy, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Post-Partum Psychosis and other related women’s health issues. Many mums feel they cannot talk about these problems to friends and family as they feel embarrassed or that others won’t understand. The aim of Nurture is to reduce the stigma attached to these illnesses.
Did you know that 12,000 mothers are diagnosed with Post Natal Depression? What’s more, 10,000 mothers battle depression during pregnancy, and 8,000 mothers experience Post Traumatic Stress Disorder after giving birth.
Irene Lowry CEO for the charity says “This is very exciting news for our charity, we are thrilled that we have just completed phase one of our expansion programme. Nurture had a wonderful Training Induction Day Saturday the 27th April whereby we are now working with an additional 13 Counsellors. Nurture’s Health Consultant Antoinette Lynders gave an informative talk on the importance of good nutrition for Mothers and Families in Ireland and its direct correlation to our thoughts and moods”.
So what does Nurture do? They offer affordable professional counselling services within a two week time frame. They facilitate support groups so mums can meet other women who have had a similar experience. These groups offer mums a great opportunity to speak freely and openly about their feelings. There is no judging and they are in a professional safe environment. Mums can even bring their small babies along too.
Symptoms of these illnesses include:
  • Loss of Identity (Mothers do not recognise themselves any longer)
  • They may not be sleeping /  crying all the time
  • Find it very hard to concentrate or focus on reading, writing, TV.
  • Loss of interest in people or things they used to like.
  • Not coping very well / overly worried or anxious.
  • They may not connect with their baby
  • They may be hyper vigilant about others handling their baby.
  • They may not feel they can talk with anybody about their true feelings as they are ashamed, embarrassed or feeling guilty. 
If you are experiencing any of these symptoms feel free to contact Nurture. All mothers who are having these symptoms are also advised to seek professional help from your GP.
Further expansion of support services is planned for 2013.For more information visit or call 01 8430930

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