5 important things to remember after you’ve just had a baby

If you’ve just welcomed a little one into the world, congratulations! This is such an exciting time in your life but it can also be overwhelming and stressful.

Between adjusting to a new member of the family, learning a new routine, sleepless nights, recovering with your postpartum body and a multitude of other steps that come along with being a new mum, it can be easy to forget about looking after yourself. 

Your baby takes priority of your life which means taking proper care of yourself can go by the wayside, but this shouldn’t be the case. If you’ve just had a baby and feel a bit lost, have a look at our list of 5 important things to remember after you’ve given birth.

Your body is recovering 

You’ve just given birth to a baby so your body needs time to recover. You may have had tearing or needed stitches and your body needs proper time to heal after nine months of carrying a child and then giving birth to them whether it was vaginally or via C-section. Once you are home from the hospital, don’t push yourself to get out of bed the moment you’re home and tidy the house in case visitors come around. This is where your partner or close loved ones need to come into action. Make sure you have someone you can lean on to prepare meals, help with night feeds, do nappy changes and carry out any necessary cleaning, so you can stay rested and not overexert yourself. 

Keep well fed and watered

After you’ve had a baby you need to make sure to keep your body fueled so it can heal properly and to help with breastfeeding, if you’re doing it. Keep bottles of water by your bed at all times and have a snack drawer so you can grab something to nibble on when night feeds come around. It’s really helpful to prepare meals and freeze them before your baby arrives for the present day when you don’t have the time or energy to cook whole meals, but if you didn’t do this, ask loved ones for help or get your partner to do a big food shop so you’re never low on food.

Social media isn’t real

It’s so easy to get swept up in the seemingly ‘perfect’ lives of other mums and influencers online but it’s important to remember that social media is a highlight reel of somebody's day, not the whole experience. You may see that your friend’s baby slept through the night after only a couple of weeks or an influencer is back in the gym right after giving birth, but you should never compare your life to that of others’. As long as you are happy and healthy and so is your child, then it’s no use comparing yourself to those online because every baby and mum are different.

Ask for help 

It’s so important to ask for help after welcoming the birth of a little one. It’s very easy for overwhelming feelings of being down or alone to turn into more serious postpartum depression symptoms so always reach out if you're concerned about your mental wellbeing. Or, if you’re feeling lonely because your other friends don’t have babies yet or you’re exhausted as you try to juggle being a new mum with everyday life, ask for help from friends and family because we’re sure they’d be more than happy to prepare some easy food for you, offer a listening ear or get some fresh air with your little one.

It’s okay to say no 

It’s always okay to say no, especially as a new mum. Everybody in your life will want to see the baby as soon as they’re born but it’s often too much on Mum. Don’t feel like you’re letting people down if you need a few days or weeks to get used to this new life. Also, if somebody wants to hold your baby or stay over at your house for longer than anticipated, make your feelings known. If pals are asking you to come on a night out but you’re not prepared, tell them no, you’ll only be able to experience the newborn stage with your child once, but there’ll always be other times to go out on the town.