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How do I cope with a toddler who whines?
How to cope with your child whining - Not reacting is often the best way to get them to stop.
What do I do if my toddler gets swine flu?
While the swine flu pandemic is still around, there are treatments, and even vaccines, that can help...
How do I deal with my toddler's tantrums?
How to best handle and prevent your child’s tantrums
My child is a picky eater. What should I do?
Children go through seemingly random likes and dislikes with food and their whims can make meal...
How can haircuts be less problematic for a toddler?
Haircuts are scary for many children – it’s important to realise that forcing your child...
Is it normal for my toddler to be shy?
As your child makes the transition from infant to toddler and then to child, it’s normal for...
How can I help my toddler to make friends?
At a year and a half, a toddler may not be ready for proper friends yet, but they can start learning...
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