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How do I deal with my toddler's tantrums?

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Toddler tantrums are to be expected. However, your child is an individual, and their tantrums may not be exactly as the text books describe them.

Some children have short bursts of crying, that subside by themselves when their body starts producing serotonin, while others may last longer. Some children even become more distraught, and hysterical, as the tantrum progresses.

A good idea, if your child tends to have long, drawn out tantrums and take ages to calm down, is to get them involved in more physical activity every day. This helps the body to produce more serotonin, and you will find it easier to calm them when a tantrum does strike.

If the conventional wisdom of simply ignoring the tantrum does not seem to be working, you might find that holding or soothing your child early on in the tantrum has a better effect. Distracting a child that is on the verge of a tantrum – with a toy or fun activity – is another way to head off tantrums before they start.

Whatever you do though, don’t respond with anger – it will only make the tantrum worse.
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Re: How do I deal with my toddler's tantrums?
hi not sure where to post this recently in the morning trying to get our 3 year old daughter is becoming a nightmare . We have tried getting her up a bit earlier to wake up that didn't work actually it made it worse . as soon as we mention ok time to get dressed she freaks out starts screaming and crying and won't even let's us take off her jammies , we are living with the parent in laws and she always wants her nana to sort her out . nana is trying to stay out of it and ignoring her and letting us deal with her . It's becoming a nightmare any advise ???
pbody1985   |   February 17, 2015 10:03 AM

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