Toddler Safety & Childproofing

All about ensuring that your home is safe for your toddler.

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How do I choose a good car seat?

Ensure that you have the right car seat for your child and that it is installed properly
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What child safety equipment do we really need in our home?

Your home is a potential minefield of dangers to your baby or toddler. There are a few pieces of essential equipment that you need to keep your child safe.
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How can we childproof in-built air fans?

Houses are full of many unsuspecting hazards and it’s important to make sure they are well concealed from toddlers
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How do I keep my toddler from getting car sick?

Follow a few simple guidelines to avoid your toddler feeling sick while travelling in the car
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What do I need to know about car seats for infants?

A car seat is one item you have to buy before the child is born, since it is needed from the day the child leaves the hospital.
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Which houseplants or outdoor plants should we avoid having with a child on the loose?

Plants are an often overlooked threat to your child’s health and wellbeing – make sure you’re educated about what’s okay, and what’s not.
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When's the best time to get a pet?

Growing up with pets can be great for children, but there are a few practical considerations you will want to take into consideration.
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