Bathing & Grooming

How to make sure your little star stays clean and well groomed!

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How can I encourage my toddler to brush her teeth?

Avoid a battle by making tooth brushing a fun activity, not a chore.
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How can haircuts be less problematic for a toddler?

Haircuts are scary for many children – it’s important to realise that forcing your child will only make that fear worse.
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How can I help my 2 year old brush his teeth?

Top tips to get your little one to brush their teeth
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How can I get my child to wash his hands after using the toilet?

Many children forget or resist to wash their hands after using the potty
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How do I clean my toddlers ears?

Cleaning your child's ears is very important, however there are safe and dangerous ways to go about it
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Can bubble baths cause UTI's in children?

Although no studies have proven that bubble baths are a major cause of urinary tract infections, they can be a contributing factor
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Baths are a battle with my toddler. What can I do?

How to help your child get over their fear of bathing
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