Lidl introduces Tonstix Honey Jelly Pops for kids sore throats & coughs

Soothing Solutions, a leading manufacturer of innovative health solutions for children, is excited to announce a strategic partnership with Lidl, one of Ireland's favourite grocery retailers, to bring a comforting and delicious remedy for kids' sore throats and coughs – Tonstix Honey Jelly Pops.

As part of Lidl’s upcoming Baby Event, families across Ireland can look forward to the introduction of Tonstix Honey Jelly Pops to their shelves from 15th February 2024.

Tonstix stands out with its unique selling proposition – a melt-in-the-mouth jelly formulation specifically designed for children. The lollipop form not only tastes great but also delivers the natural goodness of honey, making it easy to convince little ones to take it and find relief from their scratchy, itchy throats and irritating dry coughs.

The Pops are enriched with Vitamin C and Zinc, known for supporting the healthy functioning of the immune system.

What sets Tonstix apart is its hassle-free packaging – each pop is individually wrapped, providing a mess-free way to offer comfort to children without the need for carrying around bulky, sticky bottles that are typically associated with the use of syrups. This convenience ensures that parents can provide relief on the go, whether at home or while out and about.

To add an extra touch of joy, each Tonstix Honey Jelly Pops pack includes funny face sticker packs. These stickers not only entertain and cheer up the little ones but also create a moment of fun during times of discomfort. Soothing Solutions Ltd recognizes the importance of keeping children distracted and happy when they are unwell, as it contributes to the overall well-being of both the child and the parent.
Tonstix Honey Jelly Pops are formulated and manufactured in Dundalk by two Irish Mams, Sinead Crowther a Pharmaceutical Technician with 25 years’ experience in the pharmacy sector and Denise Lauaki, an Engineer with a background in Business & Marketing.

"We are delighted to partner with Lidl to have Tonstix Honey Jelly Pops available in 220 Lidl stores across the island of Ireland. Our goal is to provide a great tasting but very effective solution for children's sore throats and coughs while making the experience enjoyable with the added fun of stickers. We believe that a happy child makes for a happy parent. Tonstix is designed to bring comfort and smiles during challenging times," said Sinéad Crowther, Founder of Soothing Solutions Ltd and creator of Tonstix. "As mothers ourselves, Denise and I understand the duty of providing children with comforting, soothing solutions that really meet the needs of their age profile, in a way and this is the important part, that they themselves like to receive it."