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What is positive attention?
There are always opportunities to give your child positive attention in your everyday interactions...
What can I do to ease my primary school child's fears?
Don’t try to minimise or belittle your child’s worries just because they appear trivial...
How can I limit my child's video-game playing time?
Firstly, you will need to monitor and see how much time he is spending in front of a screen and...
What are the best developmental toys for my five to...
Make a variety of playthings available to your child to help get him away from TV or computer...
How do I get my school-age child to stop swearing?
How you react is important when trying to get your child to stop using a particular swear word.
Why does my five year old child ignore me?
Every parent has a similar story; you ask your five year old to turn off the TV and help you set the...
How do I encourage my child to be active?
The best way to encourage your child to be active is to be active yourself.
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