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How do I deal with my five year olds temper tantrums?

When children get angry, they get really angry! It’s only natural for parents, despite their best intentions to get cranky too and often react by yelling back.
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How do I stop my little girl from pulling her hair out?

Trichotillomania is a disorder that causes people to pull their hair out.
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How can I stop my little one from worrying?

Some children can be more anxious than others. 
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How do I handle conflict with my child?

Handling conflict with your child can be tricky. Read our tips on what to do when your child is acting out. 
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What do I do about back talk?

The following tips should help when your child is back talking:
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Why is my primary school child talking back?

When you tell your child that it’s time for bed and all you hear back is, “You’re stupid!” Does this mean that you have years ahead of you of being back-chatted?
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Why is my five to eight year old child picking his nose?

Nose-picking is socially unacceptable, but apart from this probably wouldn’t be the greatest cause for parents if it weren’t for the germs
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