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How do I teach discipline to my five year...
Even though your child is ready for school, you still need to be the main source of discipline in your child's life.
How do I apologise to my child without giving in?
Children feel validated when their parents say sorry. It is also shows them a positive way of...
How do I handle conflict with my child?
Handling conflict with your child can be tricky. Read our tips on what to do when your child is...
What do I do about back talk?
The following tips should help when your child is back talking:
How do I get my school-age child to stop swearing?
How you react is important when trying to get your child to stop using a particular swear word.
How can I discipline my child and teach her about...
The safety rules in your home should become part of your child’s discipline - her life could...
Discipline: how can I make sure that I am being...
Having rules and responsibility is important to your child’s development – not a...
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