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How do I help my child to stop bed-wetting?

The best way to cure your child of bed-wetting is to involve him in the treatment plan.
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What causes bed-wetting?

Bed-wetting is not caused by a child being too lazy to get out of bed or as a bid to get attention. 
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Why is my child wetting the bed?

Bed-wetting is a problem that is quite common for many school age children.
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How do I help ensure that my child get's enough sleep?

The majority of kids need more sleep than their parents think. Signs that your child may not be getting enough rest include crankiness or lethargy by day, difficulty concentrating in school or failing grades, and being hard to wake up in the morning.
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How much sleep does my school-age child need?

Getting enough sleep will strengthen your child's immune system and can also help reduce the risk of infection and illness.
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How do I deal with late night visits?

Every parent will be all too familiar with late-night visits from their children: you’ve been tapped or poked awake and then your child utters those words, “Mummy, I can’t sleep.”
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