Snacks Recipes

MummyPages has delicious recipe for every snack craving, savoury or sweet. Try homemade sausage rolls or hi-fibre fruit muffins. 

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Baked banana crisps
Berry  and oat muffins
Turkey Rolls
David Gillicks Tomato Bruschetta
Gingerbread skeletons
Apple pie waffles
Chicken roll-ups
Mushrooms on Waffle
Rose baked apples
Prune brittle muffins
Fruit kebabs
Potato frittata with chorizo
Apple-Nut Muesli
Hidden Surprise Easter Egg Treats
Grilled halloumi cheese
Cold cous cous salad
Fruit scones with sugar crust
Ham and cheese savoury pancakes
Breakfast taco
Simple spring rolls
Princess plum smoothie
Eggs mimosa
Blackberry cheesecake popsicles
Pancakes and chocolate sauce
Cheese stuffed mushrooms
Orange, oat and sultana cookies
Broccoli tots
3 ingredient chocolate krispies
Delicious cocktail koftas
Baked Apple and Apricot Purée