Snacks Recipes

MummyPages has delicious recipe for every snack craving, savoury or sweet. Try homemade sausage rolls or hi-fibre fruit muffins. 

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Kale crisps
Strawberry apple sauce
Sweet Potato Tots
Nutella spirals
Cold cous cous salad
Ice cream sandwich doughnuts
Baked butternut squash crisps
Biscotti with Babyccino
Chocolate and banana muffins
Gluten-free peanut butter cookies
Raspberry with coffee muffins
Parmesan twists
Sweet potato wedges with coriander yoghurt
Fish Finger Pocket
Cheesy potato cakes
Grilled halloumi cheese
Chocolate ice cream sandwich
Caramel-Mallow Treats
Festive chicken wings
Courgette and yoghurt dip
Banana and peanut butter
Bacon with crispy potatoes
Honey & yogurt wholemeal loaf
Date and oat slice
Corn cakes
Tombstone cookies
Cereal bites
Healthy sausage rolls
Cranberry sausages
Hazelnut and goji oat bars