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How do I handle conflict with my child?

If you’re overwhelmed, give yourself a time-out.
You might say, ‘I need a minute to calm down.’ When your child sees that you have calmed down, they might calm down too. It’s also a good way to get your child to just stop and think about his feelings.
Try not to criticise your child for pouting.
It’s normal for your child to feel discouraged from time to time.  Think about how you feel when someone criticises you.
Explain a time-out or disciplinary action without attacking your child.
If you give a time-out, explain why. You might say, ‘You need a time-out to cool down.’ Use a rational tone, otherwise your child might hear only your anger and not think about the consequences of the behaviour.
Don’t drag out a fight with too much discussion.
If either you or your child is feeling out of control or in a rage, a lot of talking may not be beneficial. In fact, it may only make things worse.
If you’re not sure what to do or how to discipline your child, take a break.
You can always tell your child, ‘I will be back in a minute with my decision.’
Try not to take your child’s strong feelings personally.
 It’s normal for parents to feel frustrated or personally attacked if their child criticises or explodes all the time. When your child says, ‘I hate you’, is not actually a personal statement; they really just hate your power.
I can’t believe I said that
We’ve all had times when we couldn’t believe the things we have said to our kids. Often it’s best to admit you’re wrong and say sorry so that you can all move on. So instead of beating yourself up, take a deep breath and apologise for what you have said. 

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