Toddler Childcare

How to figure out the best childcare options for your toddler.

Questions & Answers

What can I expect from an Au Pair?

What are the duties and responsibilities or an Au Pair?
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What are the Au Pair working hours and free time?

Find out how many hours your Au Pair should work and what they get paid
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What is an Au Pair?

What exactly is an Au Pair and what is in their job description
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Childcare options: how do I narrow it down?

How to decide what childcare options best suit you
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Relative childcare: should I pay and, if so, how much?

Having a relative care for your child is an attractive option for many new mums. Here’s how you can make sure it’s fair for everyone.
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I think my parents are getting too old to look after my son. Should I look for alternatives?

Choosing to change child care after your parents have been looking after your child for months or years can be a delicate subject but, handled correctly, it can be done.
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What can you tell me about au pairs?

Consider the pros and cons before deciding to hire and au pair
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