Potty Training

How to figure out when to potty train your child, when to do it and what to expect. 

Questions & Answers

How should I handle potty training accidents?

The best way to react to your toddler when he or she has had a potty training accident
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How often should I ask my child if he has to go to the toilet ?

How to remind your child to use the toilet without nagging or irritating them.
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Will using cloth nappies make my daughter ready to potty train earlier?

Many people believe that using cloth nappies instead of disposables will help speed up the potty training process.
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What if my child refuses to sit on the potty?

Most often when a child refuses to sit on the potty, they are not ready for potty training.
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What can I do to help potty train my daughter?

Your daughter will have better success potty training if you understand the proper steps and use an approach that gets results.
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How do I potty train my little boy?

Potty training is a big step for a toddler and will require much patience on your part. Your son must be ready to take this big step.
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Should I use laxatives to help with potty training?

Great tips for avoiding constipation so as to make potty training smoother and less stressful for your toddler.
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