Sunny day activities: 30 fun ideas to get your and your children out in the fresh air

Now that the weather is improving (and hopefully here to stay for a while!) many of us are trying to come up with ideas of what fun outdoor activities we can do with our children.

With phones and tablets taking over the lives of the younger generation, many parents want to make sure their little ones get to enjoy quality time outside in the sun without getting bored too quickly. 

If you’re looking for activity ideas that will get you and your children out in the fresh air, check out our simple yet fun-filled checklist below and start checking them off before the sun disappears!

1. Picnic in the park 

2. Back garden obstacle course 

3. Nature photography 

4. Footpath chalk art

5. Outdoor movie experience  

6. Water balloon fight

7. Karaoke in the garden

8. Family BBQ

9. Rock painting 

10. Make daisy chains

11. Gardening 

12. Make a bird feeder 

13. Garden sports tournament

14. Tea party 

15. Bird watching 

16. DIY water slide 

17. Shadow tracing 

18. Bike ride to somewhere new 

19. Sensory boxes

20. Outdoor storytime 

21. Ice-cream on the beach

22. Leaf rubbings 

23. Tie-dye t-shirts

24. Build an outdoor fort

25. Make giant bubbles

26. Nature walk 

27. Back garden camping

28. Garden dance party

29. Cloud watching 

30. Nature collage