How to create your own nighttime routine for the best sleep of your life

Morning routines get all the hype, but nighttime routines are where it’s really at!

Utterly soothing and the best way to guarantee a great night’ sleep, nighttime routines can help you feel more organised for the next day, can help you deal with any intrusive thoughts about the day gone by and help you get a better night’s sleep!

Nighttime routines are all about self care and setting yourself up for a great day the next day, so have a read of our nighttime routine tips below to create one that works for you!

Relaxing vibes

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Make your space comfy and cosy! Create an atmosphere of relaxation in your room, whether that’s with candles, fluffy blankets or even just cleaning up! A clean and tidy space can make you feel more organised and less frazzled, so it’s definitely a good place to start.

Having little cues that signal to your brain that it’s the end of the day can really help you to wind down after a crazy day and start to switch off enough to fall asleep. Lavender pillow sprays, warm pyjamas or a soothing herbal tea are all great ways to engage the senses and let your body know it’s time to wind down.

Reflect on the day

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Sometimes you just need to empty your head out before you can truly wind down. Having a little notebook and even looking up some journal prompts can be a really good way to clear out unhelpful or intrusive thoughts. Getting them out onto the page can soothe and relax your brain to stop it from going over the same problem again and again.

Help your future self out

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Set a timer for five or ten minutes and try to tick off a few things that will help you out tomorrow. Pick out your outfit for the day, pack a lunch or your bag, pick five items up off the floor – whatever works best for you! Knowing that that’s five or ten minutes less that you have to spend running around tomorrow morning is a great way to let go of tomorrow’s problems and fall asleep.

Reconnect with yourself

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Everyone will do this differently -maybe you want to journal or meditate or practice some yoga – either way, calm the mind and get back in touch with the body through some therapeutic breathing or exercises. It can calm a racing mind that often creates a restless body.


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Do something you love to do that isn’t overly stimulating. Reading, listening to music, a soothing podcast – no murder/crime docs! Just something that you can almost drift off to that preferably isn’t on a screen. The blue light of your phone or laptop screen will keep you up which is why you should ideally stay away from Netflix and social media if possible. Try get your reading list upped with a couple of chapters a night before bed to really send you off for a soothing sleep!