Being a new parent brings additional strains in family budgets and in many cases results in less income coming in the household. Find out how to manage it.

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Can I have a successful career and be a hands-on mum?

One of the hardest things for ambitious mums to figure out is how to balance their desire for career success with being a good mum.
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When should I start saving for my child's future?

There really is no such thing as starting saving too early for your child’s future. 
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Why do I need a nest egg when I become a parent?

When you become a parent it is more important than ever to build a nest egg to cope with any unexpected expenses such as doctor’s bills or expensive car or home repairs.
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How should I update my will for my baby?

Updating your will (or putting one together) is a necessity when you have a baby
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How and where do I apply for Maternity Benefit?

Applications for Maternity Benefit are handled by the Department of Social Protection.
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What are the rules that apply to Maternity Benefits?

Although you are entitled to maternity leave, and can qualify for Maternity Benefits, these are subject to specific rules.
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I am considering working at home after my baby arrives. What should I know?

If you thought going back to work, or being a stay-at-home parent were your only options, think again.
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