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The very best ideas for making your child’s birthday, or other family celebrations, the most fun for all the family.

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Should I involve my 4 year-old in her birthday plans?

Gourmet foods and elaborate gift bags are for adult parties - keep your four year-olds party simple and inexpensive.
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When will my child be old enough for trick-or-treat?

Trick-or-treating can be lots of fun for children but it can sometimes be a scary experience
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How can I keep the fright out of my child's Halloween?

Halloween can be lots of fun for young children, but many of them might find it a bit too scary.
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How can I have a safe Halloween with my child ages 2 to 4?

At this age, you should start introducing Halloween to your child as this can also be a start of a new family tradition.
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How can I teach my child to appreciate the gifts she gets?

The best approach on this kind of situation is to be a good example to your baby.
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Does sugar make children hyperactive?

Most people believe that sugar is the main cause of hyperactivity in children
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What are the best ways to make Christmas special with my five year old?

 Holidays can be pretty much all about “me,” especially for a five year old kid.
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