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How can I have a safe Halloween with my child ages 2 to 4?

At this age, you should start introducing Halloween to your child as this can also be a start of a new family tradition. But of course, you have to make sure that everything is safe for him or her so that he/she will be able to enjoy the occasion. Here are some things that you should keep in mind when celebrating Halloween with your child aged two to four:
If you are to let your child wear costumes, make sure to choose a costume that is fire-resistant. To avoid getting caught in fire, make sure not to dress your child with something that is too big for him. Also, make sure that flammable materials are out of your child’s reach.
To make sure that your child will not trip, do not make them wear a costume that is to long. Opt for something short to make them feel comfortable as well.
When choosing a costume for your child keep in mind that you might be going to a place that is dark so put something colourful on his clothing; something that can be visible even if it is dark. Also, make sure that you can easily be found by your child so that they will not feel scared.
When choosing props for your child, do not go for something pointed, spiky or hard. Instead, choose something soft or a customised prop you made on your own.
If you plan on using face-paints and your child has not worn them before, test it out first on a small patch of their skin to make sure they do not have a allergic reaction.

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