Unleash the fun with these creative kids party ideas

Creating an outdoor party can be hugely fun for your little ones. And now is the perfect time to throw one. From sunny days by the paddling pool to imaginative themed fun, there are endless possibilities, and when it comes to planning a great kid’s party, creativity is key. Here are some of our favourite ideas.


DIY Carnival Extravaganza

Transform your back garden into a carnival wonderland filled with games, prizes, and treats. Set up classic carnival booths like ring toss, balloon darts, and bean bag toss. Create a colourful treat station with a variety of treats. Organise a "Carnival Parade" where kids can show off their creative costumes and win prizes for their efforts.

Dinosaur Digs and Prehistoric Adventures

Take the kids on a journey back in time with a dinosaur-themed party. Decorate with dinosaur banners, footprints, and fossils. Set up a "Dinosaur Dig" area where children can search for hidden dinosaur bones and artefacts. Craft activities like making dinosaur masks or creating "prehistoric" paintings can keep the young palaeontologists engaged. Serve "Dino Bites" – creatively shaped snacks like dinosaur-shaped cookies and sandwiches.

Artistic Picnic Party

Host an art-inspired picnic where kids can let their creativity run wild. Provide canvases, paints, and brushes for a colourful painting session. Lay out picnic blankets and cushions for comfortable seating. Serve little finger foods and snacks, including colourful fruit skewers or cheese and crackers.

Superhero Training Academy

Invite young heroes-in-training to a dynamic superhero party. Set up an obstacle course, agility challenges, and themed games to hone their superhero skills. Encourage children to dress up as their favourite heroes and heroines. Cap off the adventure with a grand superhero parade to showcase their newfound abilities.

Teddy Bears Picnic

Step into a world of whimsy and wonder at the Teddy Bear's Picnic-style party! Children are invited to bring their beloved teddy bear companions and to take part in a little performance for their cuddly audience, with POM-BEAR crisps as honorary guests.

Set up the garden with blankets and bowls of POM-BEAR crisps for everyone to enjoy the fun of little ones taking to the stage one by one, their teddy bear friends watching with button-eyed anticipation.


Whether your little ones are exploring the depths of the ocean, venturing through outer space, or expressing their artistic flair – it’s going to be a party to remember.


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