Sleep Basics

Deal with sleep problems and take proactive measures to ensure that your child – and you – get enough sleep, and at the right times.

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Why does my toddler refuse to take naps and what can I do?

Tips for getting your toddler to take a nap
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My child regularly has nightmares. What can I do to help?

Unlike night terrors, nightmares truly are bad dreams, that occur during the dream or REM sleep phase of sleep – usually later on in the evening.
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Night terrors: what are they and what can I do?

Night terrors are terrifying for parents, but for the children who have them, they’re not even something that they remember in the morning.
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What amount of napping is normal for my two and a half year old?

By the time your child is two years old and older, his or her napping requirements have probably changed quite a lot!
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Sleepwalking: should I wake my child?

In spite of what you have heard, waking a sleepwalker is not dangerous, although it’s not the best solution.
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Wetting the bed: how can I help my child to stop?

Night time potty training is a big part of the potty training process, and it can be one of the trickiest.
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Feeding during the night: what if my toddler won't relent?

Once your child is older than six months, you shouldn't need to do night time feeding.
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