Find out how to handle inappropriate behaviour in your preschooler.

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I try to discipline my preschooler, but she doesn't seem to care. What should I do?

If you try to discipline your preschooler and they just don’t seem to care, your approach to discipline is simply not working. It may be time to change what you are doing.
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What is normal sexual behaviour in my young child?

My child is exhibiting some sexualised behaviour ... should I be concerned?
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Why does my child ignore me when say "no"?

Defiance is the way that a preschool child asserts himself. He wants to show the world that he has his own identity and is not as dependent on you as he once was.
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What can I do about my 2-year-old's tantrums in public?

When your two year old throws a tantrum in a public place, it can be embarrassing and upsetting.
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How do I give my child a lot without spoiling her?

A parent wants their child to have everything because they love them. But showing your love without spoiling your child rotten is difficult at best.
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My 4 year old is so bossy to other children. What should I do?

A bossy four year old is experimenting with her power and the affect that her words have over a situation.
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Why does my two year old ignore me when I tell her "no"?

Defiance is the way that a two year old child begins to assert her independence. She wants to show the world that she has her own identity and is not as dependent on you as she once was. With this newfound independence, she will begin to ignore your demands, especially when you say, “no”.
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