Three simple steps equal one big head start on back-to-school haircare routines

Summer’s end and September starts can get a little complicated and involve a lot more juggling for families.  Whether it’s the little ones starting out on their new journey at crèche or school, or older kids getting used to their own school routine all over again, we all know the best starts often begin with a good night’s sleep.  Night time preparation can be really key in getting organised and getting a head start on back to school.  The experts at Johnsons understand how important routines are in keeping little ones reassured and helping to promote calm offering benefits to the whole family.  Pioneering the 3-Step Johnsons Baby Bedtime Routine, clinically proven to help your little ones sleep better, the team at Johnsons have also created a 3-step haircare routine for kids to help win the tug of war on knots, because good hair days for little ones start with haircare that is gentle and tangle and tear free. 

Johnsons 3-Step Kids Haircare Routine is simple in that it involves a gentle cleanse, condition and simple spray.  The key for little ones is in the Johnsons Kids haircare formulas which are all specially designed to gently cleanse children’s hair and scalp.  Children’s hair is thinner and still developing up until around the age of 12 and that’s why the experts at Johnsons developed their haircare ranges to be gentle while still providing the advanced benefits that growing children’s hair needs. The No More Tangles range is great for those who struggle with knots and tangles as it is proven to unlock 75% more knots and tangles. The Shiny Drops range boots natural shine for silky, smooth, healthy-looking hair.

Paula Moriarty, Children’s Nurse and Professional Skincare Consultant for Johnsons Kids says “With Johnsons specially designed formulas and simple but effective routines, some of those everyday battles can be won at bathtime.  Our haircare range is specially designed to be gentle versus regular adult products while offering advanced benefits.  Adult haircare products may not be suitable for children who up until 12 need specially formulated products.  As with all JOHNSONS products, inside the vibrant packs are gentle formulas, free from dyes, parabens and sulphates. The famous Johnsons No More Tears formula is as gentle to the eyes as pure water while our ranges help make bath and wash times fun while offering assurance for parents, with gentle formulas suitable for children.”

Johnsons three-step haircare routine can be used with Johnsons No More Tangles Kids Detangling Collection or Johnsons Kids Shiny Drops Collection.  Gently cleanse the hair with shampoo, condition and help with wet or dry combing and styling with a specially formulated conditioner spray. 

Johnsons No More Tangles Kids Haircare Collection

Johnsons No More Tangles Detangling Kids Shampoo, Kids Conditioner and Kids Conditioner Spray is specially designed to help win the tangles tug of war and keep toddlers' and kids' hair manageable. Used together the range helps unlock 75% more knots.

  • Johnsons No More Tangles Detangling Kid’s Shampoo (RRP €4.49) gently cleanses for soft and smooth hair and is formulated to unlock knots and tangles during bath time.
  • Johnsons No More Tangles Detangling Kid’s Conditioner (RRP €4.49) provides lightweight detangling conditioning.
  • Johnsons No More Tangles Detangling Kid’s Conditioner Spray (RRP €4.49) is formulated to be used on wet or dry hair, helping to unlock knots and tangles and keep styling stress free. 

Johnsons Shiny Drops Kids Haircare Collection

  • Johnsons Shiny Drops Kids Shampoo, Kids Conditioner and Kids Conditioner Spray is designed to give your child’s hair long-lasting shine and softness.
  • Johnsons Shiny Drops Kids Shampoo (RRP €4.49) enriched with a drop of argan oil and a touch of silk protein, gentle cleanses to leave hair soft and healthy looking.
  • Johnsons Shiny Drops Kids Conditioner (RRP €4.49) is enriched with a drop of argan oil and is specially formulated to leave hair silky smooth, soft and healthy looking
  • Johnsons Shiny Drops Kids Conditioner Spray (RRP €4.49) is enriched with argan oil and is specially designed for use on wet or dry hair, helping to boost hair’s natural shine for silky smooth, healthy feeling hair.

Johnsons Kids Bubble Bath & Wash

Johnsons Kids Bubble Bath & Wash (RRP €4.49) is specially formulated to combine mild, gentle cleansing with big, fluffy bubbles for bath time fun. With our No More Tears formula, splashing and playing in the bath tub can be a tear free experience.

Johnsons No More Tangles and Shiny Drops Kid’s Haircare Collections are hypoallergenic and pH balanced and are also free from dyes, parabens, phthalates and sulphates.  Featuring the Johnsons No More Tangles formula, the ranges are as gentle to the eyes as pure water.  Johnsons Baby and Johnsons Kids ranges are available from Tesco, Dunnes Stores, SuperValu and pharmacies nationwide.  All prices are RRP only, retail pricing at the sole discretion of the retailer.