Find out how your child should be developing and the key developmental milestones to look out for.

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Should I involve my 4 year-old in her birthday plans?

Gourmet foods and elaborate gift bags are for adult parties - keep your four year-olds party simple and inexpensive.
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How can I encourage my child to play imaginative games?

Pretend play is your child’s way of exploring new ideas and roles. Make it a little easier by offering your child a variety of props, clothes and toys.
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How can haircuts be less problematic for a toddler?

Haircuts are scary for many children – it’s important to realise that forcing your child will only make that fear worse.
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Chores for kids: How important are they and when to start?

Chores are very important to your child: they build self esteem, increase confidence and make your child feel like part of a team in the household.
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Our little one is in preschool. Is this a good time to get a family dog?

There is no right or wrong age to get a family dog; however, you should be mindful of your situation before you rush into things. 
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Encouraging imagination and creativity: how do I do it?

Your child’s imagination is not only a source of fun – it’s one of his or her most important early learning tools.
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Telling lies: what to do when my preschooler tells a clear cut lie?

When you catch your preschooler telling a lie, it is natural to be worried. Parents may feel that when their child lies, it reflects on their parenting abilities.
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