How to keep your child entertained from day to day and on special occasions.

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How do I choose the best books for my child?

Getting your child interested in reading is half the battle but you also want to make sure that you are maintaining that interest by choosing the best books.
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How do I raise a bookworm?

The earlier you begin to encourage a love of reading in your child, the better. 
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Computer games: when and what can my child start playing?

Computer games can be educational – but they’re meant to supplement play, not replace it. Consider these guidelines before buying any for your preschooler.
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Computer games: can too much damage development?

As with most activities done in excess, too much time spent on computer games and console games can negatively affect your child's development.
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How can I tell which films are appropriate for my preschooler?

Thanks to IFCO, finding movies that are suitable for a preschooler to watch is a simple process.
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My 4-year-old son constantly ask me can he watch television. How do I manage TV time for him?

The television is a powerful tool for your four-year-old: it can be used for instant entertainment, education, and more negatively, as a substitute for interaction with friends, parents and the outside world.
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Is it okay for my child to have violent themes in her play?

Make sure to control what your child sees on television to prevent violent theme play.
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