Potty Training

How to figure out when to potty train your child, when to do it and what to expect. Toilet training is an important part of child development. Get toilet training tips and information on MummyPages.ie. 
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My three year old still wets her bed. What...
Even three year olds who are mostly potty trained still have the occasional night time accident.
Should we use laxatives on our constipated 2 year old?
When a child had diarrhoea, sugary drinks can aggravate the problem. It is better to provide your...
Should I use rewards when potty training my child?
It is not bribery to offer your child a few rewards for successfully using the potty. In fact, it is...
How can I encourage my child to potty train?
Potty training is quite a procedure! Whether it’s your first or your fifth time potty training...
What should I avoid while I am potty training my child?
If you want to know what you should be avoiding when potty training, then read on!
What products should I buy to make potty training...
There are a few things you can buy to make potty training your preschooler a little easier on...
How do I know when my child is ready to potty train?
When to start potty training is completely dependent on when your toddler feels ready
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