The Cool Food School launches ‘Food Fun For Pre-schoolers’ online course.

The Cool Food School, whose goal is to empower children of all ages to get excited about food and develop healthy habits, has launched a fun new interactive online course for Pre-schoolers nationwide.

‘Food Fun For Pre-schoolers’ has been specially developed by The Cool Food School’s award-winning Founder and BTEC-qualified Health Coach, Deirdre Doyle. Via her workshops in schools and pre-schools throughout Leinster, since 2018 she has encouraged thousands of children to enjoy wholesome foods for a happier and healthier life. The new online course is divided into a series of six virtual video workshops which help break down Neophobia - the fear of new food often associated with touching and tasting vegetables - which is very common in young children aged 2+ and impacts their diets.

The Cool Food School’s Founder, Deirdre Doyle

Parents of pre-schoolers across the country can sit down at home and enjoy the online workshops with their child/ren at their own pace and at a time that fits with their lifestyle. Throughout the different expertly designed modules, guided by Deirdre and her helpful animated friends, Farmer Joe, Chuck, Molly, and Ollie, their child/ren will touch, smell and taste food in a fun environment away from the rules and regulations of the dining room table.

Deirdre’s recipe for success, which includes a combination of fun activities, song, play and more, means that The Cool Food School can pretty much guarantee that your child will even go as far as to eat a leaf of rocket salad by the end of the course. For each of the modules, all you need to do is free up half an hour, provide the fresh ingredients, and let the fun begin. The workshops are aimed at children aged approximately 3 to 5 years old, although they are also suitable for younger and older children too.

Commenting on the launch of ‘Food Fun For Pre-schoolers’, The Cool Food School’s Founder, Deirdre Doyle, said: “I’ve taught these workshops to thousands of children in schools and at events around the country, and children are always so engaged and excited by them! I’m delighted to now be able to offer them online so all parents and children can benefit. My goal is to break down children’s fear of veggies - exposing them to vegetables in a fun way makes them less scary and the child more accepting of them. Repeating the videos over and over means that children will get that repeated exposure to foods that might challenge them in a relaxed, fun environment with a bit of silliness thrown in!”

Parents signing up to ‘Food Fun For Pre-schoolers’ will be given access to an online learning portal containing six 25 to 30 minute-long virtual video workshops; ’Terrific Tomatoes’, ‘Lovely Lettuce’, ‘Marvellous Mushrooms’, ‘Cool As A Cucumber’, ‘Crazy Carrots’, and ‘Eat The Rainbow’.

A Resource Box containing many of the items you will need for the workshops will be delivered to your home. This includes a Kiddies Food Kutter and a Safety Food Peeler to help empower your child to chop and peel fruit and vegetables. They’ll also be sent seeds to grow their own lettuce, a magnifying glass that will allow them explore the food they’re working with from every angle, and more. Participants will also be able to access worksheets which help reinforce the learning from the workshops.

Access to ‘Food Fun For Pre-schoolers’ is currently available for a 6-month period at a special introductory price of €99.99 until Monday 28th February 2022 using discount code ‘EARLYBIRD’ via The Cool Food School’s website, After this point the cost of the course will return to the standard price of €119.99.