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How can haircuts be less problematic for a toddler?

One of the reasons so many children struggle with haircuts is that they are worried that the scissors may cut them, or snip one of their ears. Children often don’t realise that the squirming and wriggling they are doing to try to escape the haircut actually makes their ears more likely to be hurt.

It’s not only the scissors though. Some children develop phobias about the whole ritual of the haircut. When you consider the noise of a barber shop, the strange looking chairs, and the attentions from strangers, it’s really no surprise.

For many parents, the answer is simply to cut their children’s hair at home, where it’s quiet and familiar. You can also distract your child with a toy, a puzzle or a DVD while you trim his or her hair, and it’s usually a much less traumatic experience all round.

If your child is scared of haircuts, however, it’s important that you realise that his fear is valid, and that you respect it. In fact, rather than trying to force the issue over and over again – which will only make it worse – it may be better to just let his hair grow a little, and try again when he’s a little older.

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