Cherished traditions passed from mums to kids

Nostalgia has a magical way of weaving generations together, bridging the gap between the past and the present. As the years roll by, certain cherished traditions and activities from our childhoods find new life as they're passed down to our children. And it’s all just so lovely.


Cooking up family favourites

From secret family recipes to treasured baking rituals, the kitchen serves as a timeless hub of nostalgia. Many mums fondly remember helping their own mothers in the kitchen, whipping up batches of cookies or buns. Today, these culinary traditions continue as mothers and children gather around the mixing bowls, sharing laughter, stories, and the joy of creating delicious treats that evoke memories of generations past.

Outdoor adventures and hide-and-seek

Long before the advent of screens and digital devices, mothers spent their childhoods exploring the great outdoors. Games like hide-and-seek, tag, and capture the flag were not just pastimes, but grand adventures that forged lasting bonds with siblings and friends. Today, children still embark on these outdoor escapades, carrying forward the tradition of active play and discovering the wonders of nature, just as their mothers once did.

Reading time and bedtime stories

The tradition of reading before bedtime has stood the test of time, fostering a love for literature and storytelling that has been passed down from one generation to the next. Mothers who were once captivated by tales of wonder and fantasy now tuck their own children into bed with the same enchanting stories. Whether it's fairy tales, bedtime classics, or imaginative adventures, these shared moments of literary delight connect the past and present in a beautiful way.

Crafting and creativity

From simple DIY projects to intricate crafts, the tradition of creating something beautiful with one's own hands is a timeless legacy. Mothers who once spent hours crafting friendship bracelets, decorating picture frames, or assembling scrapbooks now find joy in passing on these creative traditions to their children. Together, they explore their artistic sides, using glue, scissors, and a dash of imagination to bring their unique visions to life.

Movie time with the family

Settle in for an evening on the sofa, and indulge in a delightful trip down memory lane, with movies and shows from mum’s generation (now conveniently accessible on YouTube). Enjoy familiar scenes and beloved characters with your kids, and feel a sense of nostalgia and connection to a bygone era. You’ll find yourself transported to a simpler time, relishing the timeless humour and heart-warming stories that once captured your heart. And what better way to complete this experience than by savouring the very treats mum used to enjoy – the iconic POM-BEAR crisps!

Playful dress-up and make-believe

Childhood is a realm of endless imagination, where dressing up as pirates, princesses, or superheroes sparks endless hours of make-believe. Many mothers remember rummaging through wardrobes to find the perfect costume, and now, their children do the same. As capes flutter and tiaras sparkle, the spirit of imagination and play lives on, creating a bond that transcends generations.

Music and Dancing

From vinyl records to digital playlists, the joy of music and dancing knows no generational boundaries. Mothers who once swayed to the rhythm of their favourite tunes now find themselves dancing hand in hand with their children. Whether it's an impromptu kitchen disco, a spontaneous dance-off, or a karaoke session, the love of music brings families closer, providing a soundtrack that echoes through time.


In the tapestry of family life, the threads of nostalgia weave a beautiful connection between mothers and children. The activities and traditions that once filled the childhoods of mums now grace the lives of their sons and daughters. Treasured moments that create a bridge between generations.


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