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What causes my toddler's tantrums and how do I limit them?

Toddlers can be sent into a full tantrum by the smallest things that disagree with them emotionally. The reasons for their tantrums can be obvious, or slightly obscure. They might be tired or upset. Sometimes they are frustrated at not being able to complete a task, such as putting their own shoes on.

These tantrums will often start a very busy or inconvenient time in your schedule, such as at a shop, in a queue at the pharmacy and on the way to play school in the morning. These are all times when your toddler is not getting your full attention and the emotional overload is too much for them to keep bottled up.

You can limit the chances of tantrums occurring during these times, by going out when your child is fed and well rested. Take one of their favourite toys or books along, to comfort and occupy your child. Toddlers will have a favourite object, like a toy, or habits such as rocking or sucking their thumb that calms them. They will mostly outgrow the need for these comfort habits by the age of four, so there is no need worry about their habits becoming permanent.

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