Here are ten fun games to play with your little one during their first year:
Peek a Boo
One of the easiest and best known baby games there is; this is bound to have your little one in fits of giggles. Your baby will definitely be fascinated by the disappearing act, but the game can also give your child reassurance that even when you do go away, you won’t be gone for long.
Copy Cat
By copying their “coos” or their “ahhs,” it will not only help with your baby’s interactions but make them smile as well. Not only is it a great confidence builder for your little one, but it can also strengthen the bond between you and your baby.
You might decide to let your little one watch your questionable dance moves or simply cradle your baby in your arms while you decide to waltz around the house. But either of these actions will not only calm your tot down but also bring a smile to their face.
Pat A Cake
Not only is it fun for you and your baby but it can help your little one develop their language skills as well.
Nose games
Some children find nose games frightening but most babies end up in fits of giggles when their parents start lightly tapping their nose in a fun way.
Fabric Noises
The noise of certain fabrics ripping can have your tots in giggle and many parents aren’t exactly sure why. Experts believe the noise of different textures ripping introduces babies to their different sensory experiences and certain fabric noises will definitely be a source of fascination for them.
Baby Rattle Games
There’s a reason why babies love their rattles so much and it is mostly due to the loud noise that those rattle toys can make.
Nursery Rhymes
Your little one is definitely fascinated by the different sounds and rhythms that nursery rhymes can create. By using different tones and actions when it comes to these different nursery rhymes, it will not only deepen your bond with your little one but make them smile too.
Ball Games
Ball games not only it help your baby’s hand eye coordination but can create a great bonding experience for your child if organised in a group activity with other babies.
Music is always an entertaining source for your baby, whether it’s your attempts on singing some of their favourite songs or letting them get creative with some musical instruments of their own.