10 helpful tips for photographing your new baby

So, right now you may be either pregnant or you have just brought your new baby home from hospital. Arranging a day for baby photos is probably one of the last things on your mind at the moment. Am I right? But wait a moment, trust me! Your baby is going to change so much in the coming weeks that often it will seem to happen overnight, you are going to want to photograph him. I would love to share with you my tips to help you capture those precious moments.


1. A full baby is a happy baby

This almost goes without saying but making sure baby has a full tummy will keep him happy and content while you take your photos. This goes for you too! Have a snack before you start.


2. Warm up

Whatever room you are using, it must be warm. As you know, newborns do not regulate their body temperature like we do and will need a very warm space to feel comfortable. A small heater will do a good job here or just turn up the heating.


3. Lighting is everything

When I photograph newborns for my clients I use natural light from a nice big window. You do not need any fancy lighting setups to take gorgeous photos. All you need is nice, soft natural light.


4. Beware of noise

Your newborn baby has just spent the last 9 months in a very noisy environment. he still loves some noise and I find that white noise is the best. you will find many white noise apps that work great. Here is a link to one that also includes lullabies for when baby is older and also an option to help you nod off yourself.. Just keep your phone near baby while you photograph him to help keep him settled. Don’t forget to use it later tonight when trying to get him to sleep!


5. Details are so important

Do your best to capture that cute nose, pouty lips, eyelashes, ears, fingers, toes, new belly button, spiky hair and fuzzy shoulders. These details will change so fast that soon you will struggle to remember all of them.


6. Move yourself

You don’t need to move baby around very much during this time. But do move yourself. Exhaust all of your angles before moving your baby to a different position.


7. Involve your older kids

Be sure to involve your older children. Depending on their age they may be able to hold baby for a minute or two. If they are a little younger just lie them beside your baby and chat to them while you shoot.


8. Photograph you

I know you probably don’t feel like it as you’ve just had a baby. However, it is so important to get yourself in the frame during this time. As your baby grows he will treasure these images. So please, hand your camera to someone and cuddle your new baby close for a few shots.


9. Safety rules

I know that your baby’s safety is a priority so I almost don’t need to mention this. But I will. Please only put your baby in a position or location that is safe. You don’t need to try unnatural poses to get gorgeous images of your baby.


10. Print, print, print

Please don’t go to all this effort and leave your pictures on your camera. Keep an eye out for special offers and use them to print your images to canvas or framed print. Get them up on your wall. Family photos deserve to be admired and loved. 

I hope these tips help you to take some great photos of your new baby. Enjoy the process and this quiet time with your little one.

Mum to two, wife to patient man, photographer to lovely Irish families and their newborn babies. Learning constantly.