Being a new mum can be a confusing and overwhelming time as you try to get to grips with your new role, and often recommendations or tips from other mums can be unwanted, and at times even untrue.


While usually well meaning, it is important you take some advice with a pinch of salt as there are plenty of myths going around.


1. Babies need to be bathed every day

Contrary to popular belief, your baby does not need to be bathed every single day; while it is a great way to get them to relax they only need one every two or three days.


2. You need to tip toe when Baby sleeps

Vacuuming while the baby sleep or leaving the TV on downstairs while they nap is a great way to get them used to sleeping in noisy places – like outside!


3. You need to wake your baby up if they have a wet nappy

If your little one has a slightly wet nappy you don’t need to wake them up to change them. Nowadays, nappies are really absorbent and letting your little one enjoy undisturbed sleep is more important, however, if it’s poo you need to change it.


4. Putting rice in their bottle will help them sleep

This myth has been around for years but it is not true. Don’t start your baby on solids until they are between four and six months of age; it’s also dangerous to put solid food into a bottle.



5. You need to get your baby on a schedule

Until your little one is a few weeks old it is best to feed on demand. Over time they will settle into a routine so don’t stress about getting them into one now.


6. Babies need shoes as soon as they start walking

The minute your little one takes their first steps shouldn’t have you running to the shoe store. They use their feet to grip the floor and you should allow them get used to walking before putting bulky shoes on their feet.


7. You have to take your baby to classes to help their development

While baby classes are a great way for mums to meet up with fellow mums, you don’t have to sign up for your baby’s sake. When they are young all they need is you to help them with their development, not a music class.



8. Allowing babies to stand will cause bow legs

Your little one’s legs are likely to be already bowed from being in the womb but holding them up on their feet won’t cause bowed legs.


9. Your baby’s eye colour doesn’t change after two months

While we all know our baby’s eyes change colour from birth (although some don't) you never really know their actual eye colour until they are at least six.


10. Rubbing alcohol on the skin makes your baby’s fever go away

Not only does this not work, but it is actually pretty dangerous as alcohol can be absorbed through their skin.