Babies cry for so many reasons: they are hungry, thirsty, dirty, wet, bored - the list could go on and on.
Over time you will eventually be able to recognise each different whimper or roar, but until then, here are ten reasons why your little one might be upset:
They are hungry
If your baby is hungry they will cry, nuzzle into you, open their mouth, stick out their tongue and pucker their lips.
They are sick
Look out for weight loss, not sleeping, runny nose, fever and any other signs that they could be ill.
They are wet
Check their nappy to see if it is wet or dirty. Your baby is likely to be feeling uncomfortable and may have developed nappy rash which can be sore.
They are overtired                                                                                                                                       
If you know they are not hungry, in need of a change or sick, they could be overtired. Give them a cuddle and a massage to help them relax into sleep.
They have wind
If your little one starts to cry soon after feeding, clenches their fists and has a hard stomach they may be suffering from wind or colic.
Your baby is uncomfortable
Check to see that your baby is comfortable. Make sure they aren’t being pinched by a seatbelt, being squashed, have their hand stuck or a tiny hair wrapped around their toes.
They want a cuddle
Sometimes your baby may just want a cuddle. Usually after a big squeeze from you they will soon settle down.
They are teething
Teething can start to pop up from the ages of four months. Check for swollen gums and your baby constantly putting their finger in their mouth.
They are bored
Is your baby bored? Babies can sometimes cry because they are looking for stimulation. Play with them, give them lots of toys, and carry them around in a sling to keep them moving.
They’re too hot or too cold
If your little one is feeling too warm or chilly they can become distressed. Hold their hands to see if they are cold and take off a layer of blanket if they are too hot.