With the kids going back to school in less than a month (hooray!), it got me thinking about what I have actually done this summer.


So here are the highlights of this Mammy's Summer Break 2018...


1. Lie-ins: OK not exactly, but I have spent most mornings shooing the kids back to bed between the hours of 6am and 7am before giving up the 7000th time they come into my bedroom half-dead from starvation, asking if it's morning time yet.


2. Wasps: I have lost count of how many times I have run away from wasps before realising I have left my kids behind and running back to save them from said wasp.


3. The playground: 30 million times and counting.


4. Applied sun cream: Who cares if it's raining? This is Ireland, so you can't be too careful. Apply sun cream and then keep the kids in the shade anyway (just to be safe!).



5. Stepped on Lego: My new arch-nemeses. Enough said.


6. Fed my kids 10 million times per day: How can such small humans eat so much? God help them when they go back to school and have to go longer than 5 minutes without food (how ever will they survive?).


7. Went to the circus: Because there's only so many times a mother can go to the playground. That said, they need feeding there too hence the holes burnt in my pockets.


8. Spent a whole day in my pyjamas: Who cares if there's housework that needs doing and shopping to be bought? That can wait until tomorrow; take away ordered, curtains closed and movie on because what kid doesn't love turning the sitting room into a cinema?


9. Drank Gin & Tonics: ...coz #momlife #stressedout #whendothesekidsgobacktoschool


And finally...


10. GOT MARRIED!!! No longer living in sin - you are now looking at the new Mrs. Butler!


Hi everyone, my name is Beth, I'm 25 and from Dublin. I have a little princess Ciara who is 6 and a little prince Ryan who is 5. I'm also getting married in July (which the kids refer to as 'our wedding' lol). Having kids so close together in age has been far from easy, especially so young, but I wouldn't change them for the world!
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