Considering most of us can’t resist a baby’s adorable smile and teeny, tiny fingers it’s no surprise that they can get away with a hell of a lot of things that nobody else can!


Here are ten things only babies can get away with:


Getting sick all over someone they just met

And no doubt you'll both congratulate them for getting it up, especially if it’s straight after a bottle!


Crying for food

When a baby is hungry only a good feed will satisfy them! This is definitely something only a baby can get away with - could you imagine crying because you were hungry, the stares you’d get!


Crawling around naked

Only a baby can get away with crawling around the floor completely stark naked and look cute! Definitely not an adult, unless you're in the privacy of your own home, of course...


Putting their toes in their mouth

Some of you might have tried to do this secretly in your bedroom secretly, but this is definitely something that only your baby can get away with in public! Plus, we are not that agile anymore and it looks more painful than anything else to be honest! 


Pulling hair

When your little one pulls someone’s hair it ever so adorable – when you try to do it, it’s just weird!


Putting food in their hair

Your infant deciding it's a good idea to tip their dinner all over their head is definitely a Kodak moment! Not when you try to do it!  


Going to the toilet in the middle of a shopping trip

And by in the middle we mean right in the middle of the aisle - the smell can sometimes put you off your food!


Spitting up food they don’t like

When you’re an adult you have to swallow food even if you don’t like it – once it’s in your mouth there is only one way it can go! If you’re a baby, you can totally get away with spitting it right back out again. Usually onto someone's hand...


Crying at people they don’t like

Unless you’re quick to think of an excuses, if someone you don’t like comes up to you you have to go with it. Babies just cry and it's adorable.


Biting to soothe pain

Not that we can remember, but we're pretty sure teething is a painful and uncomfortable experience - so if baby wants to bite everything and anything for relief so be it!