Baby’s first trip out is both an exciting and daunting time: exciting because you get to show off you little one; daunting because the world is a germ-ridden, stranger-filled, crazy place!


If you are about to venture on your first real trip since your newborn arrived, whether it's to the shops or out for lunch with the girls, then you should probably expect the following: 


1. Someone will cough within a mile radius

Run, Mum, run! 



2. A stranger will try to prod your baby awake...

Never poke a sleeping baby. Ever.



3. You’ll spend most of the time fixing and fiddling their blanket

"Are they too hot, too cold? AHHHH!"



4. You’ll run out of nappies

“I was only going out for TEN minutes!”



5. A child with a runny nose will look at your little one from across the store...




6. You’ll lose a sock

Something you should probably get used to! 



7. You’ll bring way too much stuff (but not enough nappies)

You never know what way the weather will go!



8. It’ll take you twice as long to get out of the house...

But it’s totally worth it (most of the time)!



9. You’ll panic when your little one cries




10. There will be a nappy explosion just as you get them into the car