It’s hard we know, not to buy everything in the shop when you have just had a new baby - the cute little shoes, the giraffe onesie, or the adorable little hair band with butterflies are simply too irresistible.
While these would simply make your baby seem even cuter, if that’s even possible, there are much more important things you should spend your money on.
Hair bands
Unless they have a lot of hair that just keeps going in their eyes – which we severely doubt – leave this in the shop. Your little one will thank you.
A wipes warmer
The only thing this will achieve is a child who starts off life with airs and graces. Save yourself some money and simply hold the wipe in your hand for a little bit before putting it on your baby’s skin.
Designer baby clothes
Don’t even walk into a designer baby store - it’ll be too hard to leave without something. Your little one will get about three months wear and will still poop and puke all over it whether it is designer or high street.
A giraffe onesie
Now we’re not singling out giraffe ones, were talking about all kinds of clothing that make your baby look like an animal. Cute and all as they are, they can make nappy changing a bit awkward.
A bedroom all of their own
They might have a lot of stuff, but a whole bedroom for the smallest person in the house seems a bit excessive.
The giant sized monkey in the corner
A dust catcher more than anything really.
A magazine-styled designer bedroom
They can barely see right now. Leave this until they are at least a teenager and can really appreciate your design skills.
White noise
We never had white noise when we were kids and we turned out pretty well.  
A hairbrush
Like the hair band, your little one won’t have enough hair to brush so skip this.
Leg warmers
These are an actual thing you can buy – just stick on a pair of tights and be done with it.