Babies cry for so many reasons and often it is the simplest of things that can help settle them down. If your little one is upset, with these ten soothing techniques they will no doubt settle within minutes.
Rock them
Babies love the rocking motion – it mimics the womb where they felt safe and secure - so pop them in a carrier or even in your arms and just walk around or gently swing your arms.
Use soft words
Gently say ‘shhh’ to your  baby right against their ear. Again like the rocking movement, it reminds them of being in the womb.
Give them a massage or rub their back. They might be crying because they have wind or a sore tummy and a back rub can help to relive this pressure building up.
Go for a drive
Some babies love the sensation of being in the car, so securely strap your little one in and go for a drive. They may be crying because they are overtired and the motion of the car can help settle them into sleep. If you don't have a car, put them in their buggy and go out for a walk. 
Feed them 
Your little one might be hungry so offer them the breast or a bottle.
Change their nappy
Your baby might be crying because their nappy is wet or dirty so check to see if they need a change. A new nappy may be all they are looking for.
Turn off the lights
If the lights are particularly bright they can annoy or, in fact, over stimulate your baby. Turn them off or dim them down.
Wrap them in a blanket
Babies need to feel safe and secure so wrap them up tightly in a blanket and cuddle them. This can help them feel comforted and safe.
Take off a layer
Your baby might be crying because they are too hot or too cold so either take off a layer or put one on. Check their temperature if you're not sure.
Sing to them
Your voice can be one of the most soothing sounds to your little one so sing to them. You don’t need to be good but remember to be soft and gentle.