We all know how difficult it is to change a wriggling, squirming and often screaming baby. Very, very difficult. And while we all know how to change a nappy (hopefully...), it is a little tricky when they don’t stay still.


Lucky for you, MummyPages is here to the rescue and with our help you’ll have your little one sparkling and smell-free in no time.


1. Whatever you need for a clean baby, have it beside you. You won’t want to forget anything important like the nappy when you have already taken the dirty one off. This is when accidents happen...


2. Pick baby up and give them a big cuddle. Not really anything to do with getting them changed, more for the sake of it really.


3. Lay them own on the changing mat all the while making weird noises and funny faces - anything to distract them really.


4. Give them a toy. Preferably one that makes lots of noise, keys are always good, again to distract them from you are about to do.


5. Warm your hands by rubbing them together – nobody likes cold hands on them.


6. Put baby back in the correct position - no doubt they have used the above opportunity to make their escape.


7. Take off the dirty nappy – you may want to hold your breath for this bit


8. Quickly wrap it back up to stop the smell escaping too much. Careful they don’t try to get away again. This time they’ll be leaving a trial of poop, so be quick.


9. Hold two feet in one hand while you wipe poo off your baby’s back.


10. Continue to use at least 20 wipes to get them sparkling again.


11. Quickly put a clean nappy on them before they wee all over you.


12. Keep making funny faces and weird noises. You’re nearly there now.


13. Close the nappy being careful you don’t let the sticky tabs close in on themselves, otherwise you’ll have to frantically search for another one.


14. Pop on a clean vest and close it shut.


15. And breathe.