Christmas is a time of family and fun, and as you decorate your home in festive cheer it is important you thinking safety, especially if you have a crawling baby wandering around.


This year, make sure you and your little one are kept safe from harm so that the whole family can enjoy the festivities.


1. Put a guard up around the tree.


2. Put decorations up high out of reach.


3. Avoid using decorations that are easily broken – to help reduce the risk of your baby injuring themselves.


4. Switch off Christmas lights when going to bed.


5. Don’t hang decorations or stocking on the fireplace – your little one may be tempted to pull them down.



6. Don’t use decorations that contain small parts that could be a choking risk.


7. Don’t balance cards or decorations on ornaments as they could fall – make sure everything is properly secured.


8. Keep decorations away from the fireplace as babies may be tempted to go over to it.


9. Don’t keep presents under the tree – your little one will be more tempted to go towards it.


10. Keep light strands out of reach and hidden – they can be a strangulation risk.


11. Don’t leave mistletoe or holly lying around as they are poisonous.


12. Keep burning candles up high or, preferably, only light them when your baby is asleep.


13. Put a guard up around the fireplace whether you plan on lighting it or not.


14. Pretend snow should only be used in rooms that your baby won’t be in as they may be tempted to lick it.


15. If hanging your cards on a string make sure it is kept out of the reach of your baby – the string can dangerous to babies and young kids.