25 vintage baby names taken from classic novels that we absolutely adore

Nowadays, it has become almost expected to pick an unusual and unique baby name for your little one. However, personally, we think there’s nothing wrong with going down the traditional route!

There are so many beautiful, vintage baby names out there to choose from, and many of them can be found in our favourite classic novels. From Little Women to Wuthering Heights, these books hold some stunning (and largely traditional) names for their characters.

If you’re a bit of a book nerd and you’re struggling to find a baby name that you adore, then you have come to the right place! We have curated a list of 25 baby names that we’re obsessed with, and that also happen to feature in some of the most beloved novels of all time. 

So, why not transport yourself back in time, and have a read through our chosen names below:

For the girls…

1. Elizabeth - from Pride and Prejudice

2. Josephine - from Little Women 

3. Amy - from Little Women  

4. Emma - from Emma

5. Meg - from Little Women 

6. Jane - from Pride and Prejudice

7. Daisy - from The Great Gatsby

8. Beth - from Little Women

9. Elinor - from Sense and Sensibility

10. Lydia - from Pride and Prejudice

11. Anna - from Anna Karenina

12. Catherine - from Wuthering Heights

13. Georgiana - from Pride and Prejudice

14. Marianne - from Sense and Sensibility

15. Charlotte - from Pride and Prejudice

And for the boys…

1. George - from Emma

2. Theodore/Laurie - from Little Women

3. Fred - from Little Women

4. Heathcliff - from Wuthering Heights

5. William - from Pride and Prejudice

6. Atticus - from To Kill A Mockingbird

7. Edward - from Sense and Sensibility 

8. Friedrich - from Little Women

9. Jay - from The Great Gatsby

10. Edgar - from Wuthering Heights