The first book, Harry Potter and the Philospher's Stone may have first been published nearly 20 years ago, but the love for J.K. Rowling's magical series is ever present.


Whether you were rooting for Harry as he fought the Dementors or were encouraging Ron as he followed the spiders into the Forbidden Forest, it's hard not to get sucked into the books. 



If you are a hard fan of the seven books, why not take a little baby-naming inspiration from them for your very own little Potter or Granger.


Your little one will have a great story to tell friends when their older and it's an excuse to read the books all over again! 




1. Albus


2. Arthur


3. Bill


4. Cedric


5. Charlie


6. Cornelius


7. Dean


8. Draco


9. Dudley


10. Fred


11. George


12. Hagrid


13. James


14. Neville


15. Percy


16. Severus


17. Sirius


18. Tom





1. Angelina


2. Bathsheba


3. Cho


4. Fleur


5. Ginny


6. Helga


7. Helena


8. Hermione


9. Lavender


10. Lily


11. Luna


12. Millicent


13. Minerva


14. Molly


15. Petunia


16. Poppy


17. Rita


18. Sybill



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